ADA Compliant-Handicap Parking

ADA Compliant Handicap Parking FL

What is ADA?

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 are guidelines that are established to prevent discrimination against people with mental or physical disabilities.The law extends far beyond the building codes and regulations also covering everything from hiring or firing a person with disability.

Parking Lot Design
The requirements for parking lot dictates how the spaces should be marked, their width and the amount of vertical clearance , as well as the number of spaces that must be allotted. One of the most important aspect of the law deals with declines in a curb or sidewalk which facilitate easy wheelchair access.

Parking Spot Locations
The ADA also dictates the location requirements for the disabled parking spots. Disabled parking lot spaces must be located near the building and on a flat surface. The slope requirements of the lot as the legislation dicates has 50 feet of surface, the lot can decline only one foot. This is to prevent runaway wheelchairs and difficult climbs for those who have trouble walking.

Number of Parking Spots
ADA requires the minimum number of spaces based on overall size of the parking lot. All parking lots are required to have at least one van accessible parking space. If the parking lot can hold between 26 to 50 cars, the lot must have two spaces- one car and one van.

Size of the Parking Spot
ADA states that standard car handicapped parking spots must be at least 96 inches wide and have access to a loading area that is 5 foot wide.

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